Want to see quantitative analysts work for you right now? QuantPool brings international quantitative analysts and professors from Europe and U.S. to facilitate your finance operation in China.

What’s more, our quantitative services cover the full investment cycle, from valuation to performance evaluation. Our analysts, architects and programmers work out fair prices, identify trading opportunities, capital allocations, market risks and performance measures:

• Valuation and Pricing
• Investment Strategy
• Portfolio Management
• Risk Management
• Algorithmic Execution
• Performance Evaluation

The best part is that our project managers and architects work closely together. We maximize your benefit of utilizing our finance and statistics professors and senior quantitative analysts.

Instead of wishful thinking, you get trusted advice and help implementing strategic architectures and development concepts, such as:

• Web and Cloud Services (SaaS and PaaS)
• Straight Through Processing (STP)
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• High Performance Computing (HPC)